Saturday, May 9, 2009

StarDate -313646.7294837646

Happy Mother's Day, Mother. I got that blog like you told me too, like you asked me several times to start. I can only assume it's your sick plan to subject others to whatever comes out of this little noggin of mine. Or instead of showing other mothers pictures of me and talking about how special I am, you'll link them to my blog instead. Adorable, right? Now I am not much for the Hall-Marky antics of saying how neat-o you've been and what have you, but thanks for making me who I am. Thanks for making me nerdy in every way possible. Thanks you for raising me on Sci-Fi and so on and so forth. It it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be who I am today, and I wouldn't be who I would be in the future. You know, a prison guard.

Good job.


  1. Happy Mothers Day Mother, Thanks for being swell.

  2. I have a former student who's a prison guard. It's actually not a bad job, but you have to develop a very strong bullsh*t detector, because you're going to be fed a lot from the inmates. You also can't talk at all about your personal life, where you live, whether you have pets, etc.

  3. Note: I'll be sure not to show inmates pictures of my cats.